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Do-It-Yourself Kits: Improving Curb Appeal With A Little Help

Is your home’s entryway and exterior in need of some sprucing up? By the time summer rolls around, many of us notice spots that could use some TLC, like a less-than-perfect lawn or worn out front porch. We’ve compiled a few of the most common spots for improvement homeowners care about most, along with solutions you can put in place that are both effective and affordable. If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself project this summer look no further than our kits available for purchase on our website!

Hard-to-manage lawn: Big, spacious front lawns are often seen as a “plus” when looking at a home—but sometimes all that grass can be hard to manage! An especially dry lawn can be replenished over time with fertilizer, frequent watering (so long as it meets any water rules your city may have), and, of course, frequent mowing. But you don’t actually want your grass to be too short—anything less than three inches reduces the amount of chlorophyll the grass can use to get a rich green color, and is also ineffective at preventing weed growth.

If you find that managing your lawn is a bit too much to handle, don’t worry. You can always enlist the help of a landscaping service to get the job done on a regular basis. Alternatively, if you have a lot of grassy space but no idea what to do with it, get creative—structures like fountains and patios or a new vegetable garden can help create a focal point while cutting down on the amount of time you’ll need to spend on your lawn.

Dirty or out of date exterior: Is your home’s exterior showing signs of wear and tear over time? It may benefit from a strong power wash, fresh coat of paint, or update to its siding to return it to its former glory.

Withering garden: All gardens start out with the best intentions… but they can inevitably wither from time to time. If you need a more manageable alternative to the garden you have now, look to simple solutions that offer just as much color and beauty. Potted plants lined along a pathway or your front steps can be just as pretty, and much easier than maintaining a garden if you’re short on time.

Disrepair and disarray: The simplest fix might be the one right under your nose! Leave your front yard and entryway free of kids’ toys, bikes and other items that might be better placed in the garage or backyard. Take care of small repairs or fixes as they come (within reason, of course)—a dislodged gutter or misplaced stone on your walkway may not seem like much now, but they can contribute to a less-than-perfect big picture.

Lack of personality: Your lawn might be perfectly well manicured, your home’s front clean and freshly-painted—but if it doesn’t have a touch of you and your family’s personality, you might feel that it’s lacking. Try adding individual touches to your home’s façade to make it unique and truly “you”—a pop of color on your front door, the addition of a porch swing, or a few of your favorite garden figurines can be enough to do the trick.

Can we help you with any of the above projects—or maybe one of your own? Give us a call at 1(888) 474-5884 for your next home improvement project.

Do-It-Yourself Kits: Improving Curb Appeal With A Little Help

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