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How to Increase Your Home’s Visual Appeal

How to Increase Your Home’s Visual Appeal

Even if you don’t plan on moving for a while, it pays to increase your home’s visual appeal. It allows you to enjoy your home more. This also keeps your home in tiptop shape: When you are ready to sell it, there is less work involved. While there are many worthwhile home improvement projects, the following three will improve your home’s curb appeal and possibly even give you a great return on investment if you should decide to sell.

Add Fencing

Fences make your yard look neater and give you and your family more privacy. While it’s unlikely that you’ll put a full fence in the front yard, you do have some options. You can install a privacy fence that connects to the front corners of the house. This hides the backyard and makes the front yard look neater.

You also have the option of doing a half picket fence at the property’s edge. This fence is waist high at the most. It’s usually white and is often just a visual effect, though it should also keep the neighbors' dogs out of your yard. Both of these types of fences frame the yard, making it look neater, in much the same way that a frame makes a picture look more complete and neater.

Add Siding

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) have many benefits to your home’s comfort and security. Yes, it improves the look of your home. However, it also reinforces the structural integrity of your home’s exterior walls. It’s water-resident, tough and multi-layered so it can take a beating. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather differences year-round, you might think about adding EIFS to your home’s exterior.

Change the Front Door

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to your front door. It keeps the weather out during the coldest months and gives you a place to hang that fall wreath when the leaves begin to turn colors.

However, changing out your current door and replacing it with one that has a steel core has one of the best returns on investment. Most homeowners who change out their doors get an ROI of almost 75% come sale time, making this beautifying trick both logical and profitable.

Making improvements to your home bolster your personal pride and increase your home’s value. These improvements also make your home safer, more comfortable and have great ROIs when it comes time to sell it.

If you really want to increase your home’s visual appeal, add a sunroom or a pergola! Here at White Aluminum, we can build you both of those things and more.

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