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Should I Enclose My Pool in Florida

Should I Enclose My Pool in Florida

In Florida, having a pool is amazing. The summer will be fun filled with the family. By enclosing your pool, you can continue to have fun even on days that the weather is less than desirable. There are a variety of reasons we suggest that you enclose your pool, here are our top 4 below:


All year round there will always be outside elements flying in the air and end up in your pool. Enclosing your Florida pool will allow you to keep it protected and reduce cleaning costs from the unwanted dirt, leaves and dust. 

Avoid Accidents

When you have a pool open and unsupervised, accidents can happen. Small children or even pets can fall in and get hurt, or worse... drown. Enclosing your pool helps prevent such accidents and improves pool safety.

Year Round Fun - Maximize Your Investment

We offer retractable pool enclosures from Azenco Outdoors through US Pergola Systems (our sister company). These types of enclosures help keep your pool warm and the bad weather out, allowing you to enjoy it all year long. This maximizes your pool usage time. 


A pool enclosure is a pool protector and people protector all in one. It allows you to not only protect your pool from debris, but it can help protect people from harmful UV rays. 

Do you see the value in enclosing your pool? Be sure to get a free quote from White Aluminum on an Azenco Pool cover today.



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