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Getting Your Sunroom Ready For Spring


Although many of these to-do's involve a good amount of work, your sunroom is not one of them. All you need is a few minutes each spring to give your sunroom some tender loving care and you will gain many more years of enjoyment from it. You may notice some leaves and small twigs have fallen onto the patio or deck and into the tracks of your sunroom - especially if you are in a wooded area. It's a good idea to remove this debris to help keep your patio doors and window tracks in good working order of your sunroom. It will also help keep any weep holes clear for the rain ahead.

Cleaning your sunroom tracks:

  • Take a shop-vac and vacuum the debris out.
  • Use a garden hose and from the outside, spray the debris out and let the tracks dry. To find the garden hose, check out this guide from the unclutterer that will help you to choose the perfect one for your needs
  • Using a stiff brush or broom, sweep the debris out. 
  • Using a cloth, wipe the debris out.

Make sure you pay extra attention to any weep holes so nothing is accidentally pushed into them. Weep holes drain the water from your tracks during the rain so that water doesn’t back up. After your tracks are clean and dry use a silicon only spray on the inside of the tracks. The spray will help lubricate the tracks and keep your doors and windows rolling with ease. 

Cleaning the screens of your sunroom:

Our sunroom screens are made from aluminum and resist dirt and grime pretty well, however, to keep your sunroom screens looking new, year after year, follow these simple cleaning steps:

  • Take the screens off their tracks and spray them down with a garden hose. Shake the screens a few times to get rid of the excess water and put them back on their tracks.
  • If your screen is extra dirty, take a soft brush and bucket of soapy water. Dip the brush into the water and gently brush the screens off until clean. Rinse each screen with the garden hose, shake your screens a few times to get rid of excess water and replace them back onto their tracks.

Cleaning the glass:

Like any other material on your home, glass will attract a certain amount of dirt over time. Keep your view clear by cleaning your glass on a regular basis. Any glass cleaner will work. Just spray and wipe. For those who prefer an eco-friendly alternative, combine equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray onto your glass. For a streak-free shine, try wiping your windows with crumpled up newspaper instead of a paper towel or cloth. 


Spring Cleaning Checklist

Make cleaning your home more manageable with this printable checklist below. It will guide you through a deep-cleaning that will leave your home shining like the Florida sun. Download Checklist

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