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Evaluating Your Home: Are You Ready for a Hurricane?

Evaluating Your Home: Are You Ready for a Hurricane?

If you've spent much time in Florida during this time of year, you've probably gotten closer than most to a hurricane. And unless your home is brand new, not just new to you, chances are that it's encountered a hurricane or two as well. When faced with the prospect of further storms, it's important to evaluate your home and ensure that you are prepared for a hurricane.

Move Valuables

If you have valuables that you do not want to do without, take action to protect them. Consider moving them to somewhere safe and secure. If you're evacuating with short notice, you can take smaller items with you. If you have more time, it will be easier to make arrangements for more of your belongings. Moving to higher ground isn't just for people. It can protect your valuable possessions as well. If your home becomes flooded, moving your belongings to a higher location can help improve the chances of them making it through the storm without being damaged or destroyed.

Look at Landscaping

Your property's landscaping can play an important role in ensuring that your home is prepared for a hurricane. Evaluate the slope of your property and make sure it will direct the flow of water away from your home instead of right to its foundation. Things like tree branches or other large objects can cause serious damage if they hit your home. If this is a present concern to you, take steps to remove potentially offending branches and make sure to secure anything you have that isn't already secured. 

Storm Shutters

If your house doesn't have hurricane or storm shutters installed already, give some thought to adding them. Storm shutters can offer your house protection from a hurricane by shielding your windows from flying objects such as branches, precipitation, wind, and other debris. These objects could end up shattering your windows and leave your house more vulnerable to water and wind damage. There are different types of storm shutters, each with their own style and pros and cons. Storm shutters aren't a one-size-fits-all sort of thing, so take that into consideration when choosing storm shutters for your home.

Florida's peak hurricane season is upon us, making it more important now than ever to make sure your home is prepared for a hurricane. Move your valuables to somewhere secure, evaluate your property's landscaping, and make sure your storm shutters are in good condition and ready for use. These measures will help protect your property and your home.

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