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Spring Cleaning: Our Outdoor Tips
Spring Cleaning: Our Outdoor Tips The sun is shining brighter, our temperatures are warmer, and soon we’ll soon be saying our official “hellos” to spring! With the change of season, we expect to be spending much more time outside enjoying our pools, patios, decks and entertaini... Read More

Smart Storm Protection for Ocala Homes
Smart Storm Protection for Ocala Homes It’s the beginning of April, and while the Atlantic hurricane season doesn’t start for a couple more months, now is the time to prepare yourself—if not with water and canned food just yet, then at least with some long-term protection for your h... Read More

Rain or Shine: The Benefits of a Louvered Roof System
Rain or Shine: The Benefits of a Louvered Roof System Our Equinox® louvers are perfect for rain or sun. Storms and showers are on their way, look into a louvered roof system! Read More

Walls of Windows: How to Decorate Do you have a floor-to-ceiling window, or otherwise expansive window taking up much of your wall? If not, we can help you design the best one for your home! If you already have one, there are a few ways you can “dress it up” to its highest design... Read More

Florida Pergolas: How To Add Value & Shade To Your Home This Spring Spring is just around the corner, and along with spring comes beautiful blue skies accompanied with bright sunny days. If you have an outdoor pool area or a large backyard great for sunbathing and barbeques, then you might want to create an area in y... Read More

Valentine's Day Decor For Your Central Florida Home We’re getting closer and closer to Valentine’s Day! If this holiday puts you in the decorating spirit, we’ve got just the design ideas to help youaccomplish a beautiful home this February 14th. Read More

White Aluminum Room Addition Projects: Which One Is Right For You? Winter in Florida means plenty of time and great weather to take on your next home renovation project—but which do you take on, exactly? If you’re planning on an addition to your home that will either add more space or replace an unused patio are... Read More

Should You Get Vinyl Siding For Your Central Florida Home? Think of the classic Victorian-era home—it’s large, beautiful, and well maintained. It often also has neat horizontal panels running along the front of the house. To get this look without having to deal with maintenance or costs that are just too... Read More

Retractable Screen Systems for your Central Florida Home
Retractable Screen Systems for your Central Florida Home Florida winters mean lots of time spent outside enjoying the mild weather, or opening the windows from the inside to let in those cool breezes. Did you know there’s a way to get both? Our retractable screen systems let the outside “in” when you... Read More

Florida Pool Enclosures: Good for Heating, Too?
Florida Pool Enclosures: Good for Heating, Too? If you have a swimming pool, now might be the best time to spruce it up with a DIY project or renovation. One project could be key to enjoying your pool year-round: a pool enclosure! Read More

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