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5 Ways to Transform Unused Space in Your Home

5 Ways to Transform Unused Space in Your Home

Whether it’s a massive or tiny space, there is always an unused space in your home. Most of us can’t work out how to transform such spaces without making our homes feel packed. Fortunately, there are tricks to decorating and turning them into lively spaces. You’d be amazed to realize that a simple transformation can add extra square footage to a cramped home. Here are five ways to redesign dead or forgotten spaces in your home.

An Extra Bedroom?

Don’t panic. Look up towards the attic. If it’s unfinished, you may have to rework and finish it before transforming it into a bedroom. First, assess whether it abides by your city’s building codes. Every homeowner should ensure their attic meets building codes before turning it into a living space. It should have an emergency exit. The attic needs clearance space, both vertically and horizontally. It should also be accessible. You’ll need to switch the pull-down ladder with a permanent and safe staircase.

If your attic has poor ventilation, you may need to fit an HVAC system or duct work that connects it to your home’s central HVAC system. Also, consider installing raft vents for extra ventilation. Once the codes and ventilation are done, insulate, redo the floor work, wire the attic, paint it to your desired color, and clean it. And there you have, an empty canvas. Let your creative power take over and create a beautiful bedroom. Take cues from the wall, the floors, and your style.

Turn the Basement Into Workout Space

A gym space could be lying right beneath your feet. The basement is the perfect spot to put up a home gym. Particularly if the basement has a high ceiling and expansive space. You may need to work on the ventilation, wiring, electrical outlet to support gym equipment, and flooring. Your gym equipment will need stable and shock absorbent flooring. It’s advisable to remove the existing floors. Foam tiles, rubber mats, or rubber lock tiles are some of the most common gym floorings. Effective rubber lock tiles offer the most potent shock absorption. In addition to this, it’s easy to install since they come with an interlocking mechanism. Also, use colors that conjure energy. Reds, neons, or yellows are great for the gym space. Install a mirror. It comes in hand as your exercise. Add creativity by hanging art, motivational slogans, or sports murals.

Turn an Unused Corner Into a Reading Space

You can turn a bare corner into a reading nook. All you need is a cozy chair, rug, and pillows to create a relaxed reading space. You can install a few hanging bookshelves to bring the library vibe into the corner. You don’t need to install a wall full of shelves. Two shelves are enough. You can also opt to stack your books or use a stack of dummy books as your side table. If the corner lacks a window, brighten it with colorful and bright accessories. Add a beautiful overhead lamp to illuminate the space.

Bring Plants

A stand-alone plant in a stripped corner or beside an unused wall adds life and charm to the space. Prop the plant using a visually appealing propping feature. You can use a wooden crate, a metal mesh structure, or an artistic sisal basket instead of a pot. The big house plants add a massive impact to empty corners. Add a palm plant, fiddle leaf fig, or rubber tree to a bare space.

Show Your Artsy Side

Capitalize on a bare room or wall and create a gallery. Hang scenic framed photos on the wall. You can add prints, draw or write on the wall, or surround your family with inspirational art and affirming phrases. Add a few floating shelves and display sculptures, ceramic arts, and other artistic collectibles. You can also use furniture as art. Add curved or vintage pieces to the space.

Concluding Thoughts

You can transform unused and dead spaces around your home. Whether an attic that needs warmth or a forgotten basement needs a little love, you can turn any bare space into a visually appealing functional space. You simply need to get creative, set a budget, set a goal, and work on it. Sites like Pinterest also offer ideas you can use to breathe life into dead spaces around your home. Incorporate these tips to add footage and more usability to your home.  


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