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Four Projects for Father’s Day

We love giving Dad the go-to tie on Father’s Day—but why not switch things up a little? Take a load off his shoulders and try one of these simple home-centered projects.

1. Contract a project. According to HomeAdvisor.com, 85% of dads have their own home improvement lists, and the top three tasks they need completed are 1) cleaning the windows, 2) painting the interior of a home, and 3) pressure washing the exterior. If you’re stumped for a gift come Father’s Day, try contracting one of these projects for Dad. They’ll definitely earn some appreciation points!

2. Get grilling! Well, you don’t have to, necessarily—but if Dad’s into barbecue, try giving him the tools he needs most. You can opt for a homemade gift (HGTV.com has a quick tutorial for a DIY barbecue tool belt) or dish out a gift basket or crate complete with a new spatula, tongs, and a bottle of Dad’s favorite steak sauce.

3. Summer Clean-Up. It seems like a pain, but cleaning up the garage, the basement, or any other not-so-spotless part of your home can make a big difference. It can also give Dad a much-needed break. Get the kids involved by having them pick up their toys, books, electronics, etc. and make piles for keeping, giving away and tossing out.

What’s Dad going to be doing while the big cleanup takes place? That’s up to him—but a lunch at his favorite sports bar or some time in the pool never hurt!

4. Room Restoration. If your family room (or Dad’s man cave) needs a redesign, Father’s Day weekend could be the perfect time to do it. This doesn’t have to mean a major overhaul. Simple switches like blackout shades to minimize glare or replacing worn-out couches with comfy leather ones are enough to make any Dad’s day.

Four Projects for Father’s Day

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