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Five Ideas for Your Florida Sunroom

We’ve talked about the benefits of getting a sunroom in your Florida home—but do you know how you want to use it? Here are some of our favorite ideas:


With plenty of light and floor space, opting to turn your sunroom into a kids’ playroom is a great choice. The transformation is simple and straightforward: anchor the room with light-colored (and comfy) furniture for the adults and tike-sized chairs and tables for the kids. For toy storage, multipurpose furniture like window seat toy bins and brightly colored ottomans with storage space inside are popular options. Carpeting is best, but if you want to keep tile or hardwood floors set aside a play-friendly area with soft, interlocking foam tiles for the kids. Finish off the room by painting the walls light—white, pastels, and neutrals work well and will keep the room bright.

Entertaining space

Sometimes it’s just too hot (or wet) outside to host many guests—but you can bring the party inside without sacrificing the light, view, and ambiance of the outdoors. You can opt for a traditional dining room set to entertain guests; for an even bigger group, a few smaller tables can turn a dinner party to a lux, banquet-style event. White curtains are a classic look for day-to-night entertaining and, if you have the room for it, a wet bar is a great addition that eliminates the need for kitchen runs.

Study nook

The tranquility of an outdoor view and the refreshing brightness of natural light are mobilizers for work to be done—put your office or study space in your sunroom and you’re good to go! Whether your kids need a reflective spot to do their homework or you want a designated (but not stuffy) home office, a sunroom offers you the light and views you need to get it done. For families interested in arts and crafts, sunrooms also make for great art rooms.

Home gym

Why pay for home exercise equipment only to tuck them away in a dark, stuffy basement or garage? Your sunroom offers you the perfect place to store and use your equipment without having to lose valuable workouts due to bad weather or being too far from the gym. What better way to get in shape than while looking out at a great view?

Guest room

If you’re already using your sunroom as a living space, adding a simple daybed can make it a much-desired spot for guests to your home. And even if they already have a bedroom, no one will be able to say no to an afternoon nap or serene reading time surrounded by a great outdoors view, no matter the weather!

Five Ideas for Your Florida Sunroom

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