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Backyard Privacy for Your Orlando Home

No matter how much you love your neighbors, sometimes you want to just kick back, relax and feel secluded in your own backyard! In growing suburban areas, this isn’t always easy—today, homes are being built larger and closer to each other, not leaving much room for the privacy you want. If you have a shared backyard space or just desire a little more personal space for your yard and patio, you may want to try one of these ideas:

Plant a fast-growing privacy screen

Plants can provide one of the densest, most effective covers to separate your backyard space from your neighbors’… and they come with the added bonus of bringing some color and beauty into your yard! If you already have a fence in place, planting a fast grower like ivy or clematis on it can make for a beautiful cover. If you don’t have a fence, planting a shrub or tight line of trees as a “wall” for your yard is also a good idea. In Florida, one of the most popular choices is the Areca palm—these leafy trees are perfect for providing dense, thick cover while not depriving your yard of a lush natural landscape.

Don’t have the freedom (or lawn space) to plant your own privacy screen? Don’t worry… you can always add tall growing potted plants to your patio or deck that are able to provide cover just as well.

Put up a lattice panel

You may be used to have a lattice shade serving as a makeshift ceiling for your patio space… but did you know that a lattice can also be used as a privacy panel? Put one up around your patio or on a particularly exposed side—this offers privacy without overwhelming your space. You can also grow vines on a lattice panel, which is perfect for adding greenery to your entertaining area.

Create a separate entertaining structure

If your yard or patio is exposed to your neighbors or the rest of the block, you may not always feel comfortable entertaining guests. But don’t be discouraged! You can always create a separate, standalone structure like a pergola to set apart your entertaining space from the rest of your yard (and your neighbors’!). You can add curtains to hang between the posts of the pergola to create an effective barrier while still maintaining an airy, elegant feel.

Create a sound barrier

Even if your yard has a decent amount of visible privacy, curtains and hedges aren’t always enough to keep loud noises to a minimum. If you live in a small space where you’re constantly hearing your neighbors’ chatter or the sound of a busy road, you may benefit from adding an element of sound to your backyard space. A fountain or other feature with moving water can help to balance out undesired sounds—and while you may not be able to block out street noise completely, the sound of moving water can create a relaxing ambiance that detracts from other sounds.

Backyard Privacy for Your Orlando Home

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