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White Aluminum’s Guide to a Sunroom Turned Playroom

White Aluminum’s Guide to a Sunroom Turned Playroom

At White Aluminum, it’s no surprise that we love sunrooms—for their unbeatable brightness and warmth, their charm, their versatility in serving more than one purpose in your home.

So perhaps it’s less than surprising that we have yet another use for your Florida sunroom—turn it into a playroom.

A sunroom is a natural spot for a space like this—after all, playrooms need lots of light for games, everyday play, and creativity. And of course, the best part for parents: when cleanup time rolls around, there’s no dark corners for errant toy cars or out-of-place crayons to get lost in!

In today’s blog, we will be sharing a few easy tips for achieving a simple play space in your sunroom.

Embrace an open space

If there is ever a need for a wide, open layout, it’s in the playroom—keeping it clear and spaced out will let you maintain a safer, cleaner room that’s ready for fun day after day. An open space is also easier to observe, an especially helpful trait since young kids aren’t exactly known for their ability to self-supervise!

Create a comfy floor

A comfy floor space is essential for kids who are sure to spend lots of time sitting, tumbling, and rolling around on it. Layer your sunroom’s floor with cozy, easy-to-clean rugs and colorful foam tiles perfect for adventures in crawling, walking, block-building and more. As a parent, you’ll also enjoy having a comfy floor for sinking your feet into as you monitor playtime.

Add small bursts of color throughout

Like any kid’s space, a playroom should have fun bursts of color and creativity. Since the big, bright windows of your sunroom take up most available wall space, you may not be able to lather your space’s walls in color—but you can add it in different ways. Accent chairs or colorful storage bins are just a few easy options to consider.

Keep storage low to the ground

To make toys easily accessible for kids (and to preserve the bright light shining through the windows), opt for storage options that are low to the ground. You can line your walls with simple storage cubbies, where kids can find their favorite toys with ease. Lightweight and low to the ground, these storage options are also a safe choice to avoid the risk of furniture tipping over.

Add some comfy seating for you, too

While the playroom is, of course, a kid’s space, you’re always going to be spending lots of time in there! Make it comfortable for you, too, by adding a cozy corner armchair and ottoman (which can double as a storage cube) for ultimate relaxation.

We hope that these ideas help you achieve the family-friendly space you’ve been looking for. If you have the drive but don’t yet have a sunroom of your home, we can help with that—just call us today!

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