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Pool Maintenance Tips for Your Florida Pool

Pool Maintenance Tips for Your Florida Pool

Living in Florida can be wonderful, and there is something really special about that poolside life. Learning to properly maintain your pool will make your life easier and more enjoyable for years into the future. With the tips below you can keep your pool pristine and take advantage of the beautiful Florida weather.

Keeping It Covered

When you’re not using your pool keeping it covered is a great way to make maintenance as easy as possible. Covering your pool also reduces evaporation so you can conserve water as well. There are many options for pool coverage, so consider your options before making a decision.

You can use a cover that goes directly over the top of your pool to help cover the pool and keep maintenance easy. Another great option is a pool enclosure. This will keep your pool free from debris while also creating a beautiful and dedicated space for your pool. However you decide to keep your pool covered, it has benefits that will extend the life and usefulness of your pool.

Draining the Pool

In a temperate climate like Florida, it can be tempting to never drain your pool. It never really gets cold enough to freeze, so you may wonder what the point of draining it is. However, typically, you only need to drain your pool once every 2-3 years. You don’t need to drain your pool more often than this, and in fact draining your pool too often can be a problem. The most important reason to drain a pool is to help recalibrate chemical levels. When the chemicals get too high, removing the water and starting clean is the best way to address the problem.

Care for Your Filter

The pump and filter are what helps keep your pool safe and comfortable from day to day. Often, when the filter is doing its job it’s easy to forget about it altogether. However, if you’re not regularly taking care of your filter it can be a recipe for disaster. By cleaning your filter once every three months or so, you can extend the filter's life and keep your pool in excellent condition. Eventually you will need to replace your filter, but if you are regularly cleaning it, you can make those changes as infrequent as possible.

Keeping your pool well maintained will help you make the most of your Florida paradise. A beautiful pool makes staying home feel like a vacation and keeping it clean and functional can be much easier than you think.

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