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Must-Have Features for Homes in Areas at Risk of Storm Activity

Must-Have Features for Homes in Areas at Risk of Storm Activity

Residents of Florida are treated to a tropical paradise year-round. However, from the steamy summer days of June to the brisk fall nights of November, our location near the Atlantic Basin puts homeowners at risk of hurricane activity. When major storms hit, they can hit hard. Before that happens, consider investing in the following safety measures to keep your home as safe as possible in a hurricane.

Impact Resistant Windows

In a hurricane, wind speeds can range anywhere from 74 mph (category 1) to 156 (category 4) and above. Standard windows are likely to suffer some damages once wind speeds exceed 100, and they are very likely to break if struck by flying objects. Impact resistant windows are built to withstand high atmospheric pressure and remain intact even if they are struck by projectiles. You’ll be thankful you invested in impact resistant windows both after a major storm and throughout the entire year – they are proven to protect against temperature fluctuations and home invasion attempts, as well.

Hurricane Doors

Just like windows, doors are a vulnerable part of your home that can be compromised during a hurricane. The unforgiving winds of a hurricane place pressure on the weakest points of homes. This includes garage doors, which need reinforcement to keep their massive surface area intact. Once a door is compromised, then severe winds and pressure can wreak further havoc inside. White Aluminum’s impact-resistant glass doors are available with vinyl frames that promise consistency and durability before, during, and after a storm.

Wind Resistant Roofing

Roofs suffer the most during a hurricane. Not only are they lashed by unrelenting wind and rain, but they may also endure impacts from flying objects like tree branches. Preparing your roof for major storm activity is crucial because even the smallest damages can have much greater consequences. When moisture enters a roof through damaged or missing shingles, it can lead to mold growth and rot, which will yield even more complications months after a hurricane has passed. Investing in wind resistant roofing now is a great way to stay safe and improve property value.

Don’t wait to prepare your home! Hurricanes can form in as quickly as 48 hours. If you haven’t taken these preventative measures by the time a hurricane is projected to make landfall, then it may already be too late. Give White Aluminum a call today to learn more about our wide array of storm protection products, which include garage door braces, storm shutters, and high-impact windows.

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