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Balcony Tips for Your Port Orange Home

Balcony Tips for Your Port Orange Home

Few features say "Florida" quite like a beautiful balcony overlooking your pool or patio, where you can soak up some sun or enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

Of course, before you have a prize-worthy balcony, you have some options to consider for creating a comfy, functional space. Take a look at today's blog to see our best ideas of achieving that perfect balcony setup.

Opt for big, beautiful doors

While a balcony is best enjoyed as a front-row seat to the beauty of your backyard and natural surroundings, that's not all it does! You can enjoy your balcony view from inside your home, too, with the help of big, beautiful doors that let in the light. A popular option here is a custom sliding glass door or pair or French doors that offer you a simple, luxurious entrance to your balcony oasis.

Mesh safety with style

Every balcony needs a supportive handrail to make it safe for easy, effortless enjoyment--but in addition to providing a safety barrier, your handrail can serve as the backdrop to a number of smart decorative choices. Drape vines along your handrail to create a lush, tropical effect, or add a few of your favorite potted plants to either side of your balcony for some added color and texture.

Consider shade solutions

Your balcony is, of course, the perfect spot to lounge around and enjoy the warm sun rays--but for those times when you want to avoid the harsh sunlight, consider a customizable shade solution! Trees, of course, offer an excellent amount of coverage but aren't as flexible as, say, an awning or retractable screen that let you decide the kind of shade you want. These options will let you enjoy sunbathing one minute, and a cool, comfy reading session with your favorite book the next!

Need help with new windows, handrails, or just about anything else for your home's balcony? Call White Aluminum today and see how our custom features can turn your balcony into a space you truly love spending time in.


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