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3 Ways to Protect Your Hot Tubs So It Lasts Longer

3 Ways to Protect Your Hot Tubs So It Lasts Longer

Having your very own hot tub in your home is a wonderful luxury. It is also an expensive luxury. You paid thousands of dollars for your hot tub. If you don’t want to see all that money go down the drain, you need to take the proper steps to care for your hot tub so that it lasts a long time.

Put It in an Enclosure

According to Maryland Sunrooms, putting your hot tub in an enclosure has several benefits. First, it protects your hot tub from debris that is blown about by the wind. It will also protect your hot tub from sports equipment that is kicked or thrown about in your yard. A heavy impact from a ball could put a crack in your hot tub. Second, putting an enclosure will give you some privacy from prying eyes. And third, an enclosure will help prevent young children from accessing the hot tub unsupervised. This can help prevent tragic accidents from occurring.

Maintain the Cover

The cover of your hot tub is like the roof of your home. It protects the inner surface of your hot tub from debris and falling objects. It also helps keep the water clean from dust, bugs, and bird feces. Keeping your water clean can help ensure that you don’t overload your water filters too quickly. Your cover can even help protect your hot tub interior from the harmful effects of the sun. The sun’s powerful rays can degrade the quality of the hot tub’s materials which can lead to a shortened lifespan. Your cover won’t last forever, so be sure to replace it when it gets worn out. According to Sonoma Backyard, you should be replacing your hot tub cover every 5–7 years.

Safe Behavior

According to HealthLinkBC, practicing safe behavior in the hot tub can prevent damage to yourself and the hot tub. While some hot tubs are built to allow people to sit on the sides, not all are this way. Discourage bathers from sitting in areas that aren’t designed for sitting. It will also help prevent accidental falls. Make sure that you do not allow any roughhousing in the hot tub. A person that is knocked against the side of the hot tub could seriously hurt themselves and the hot tub could be dented or cracked. Don’t allow people to stick things into the jets of your hot tub. This may seem like fun, but it can cause clogging issues.

For more important tips on caring for your hot tub, you should refer to your owner’s manual. There you should find a maintenance schedule that includes other important tasks such as the chemical treatment for the water. If you notice any problems with your hot tub’s performance, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for help. The longer you wait, the worse the issue can get.


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