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These 7 Tips Will Help You Find A Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

These 7 Tips Will Help You Find A Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

One thing is for sure; trust is important when you need a roof repaired or replaced, especially since the roof covers a part of your home that can't be easily repaired. The cost and inconvenience of a roof replacement are enough to make even the most confident homeowner question whether they've made the right choice when selecting their contractor(s).


1. Ask Around

Asking around for recommendations is one of the easiest ways to find a roofing contractor you can trust. Whether this means getting a friend, family member, or neighbor's opinion or doing an online search, getting some good suggestions is a step in the right direction. It's always best to look locally first because hiring someone from a different state can be a lot more work and often won't even guarantee you the quality of materials, workmanship, or safety you need. So, for example, if you live in central Florida, try looking for roofing contractors in Orlando so that the process is as easy and convenient as possible. Reading online reviews is a great way to determine who is actually reputable and efficient. Not having to worry about travel time, gas costs, and other related expenses is definitely a must when you're dealing with a roofing project. It can also help ensure that the work will get done as soon as possible.

2. Consider Experience

While experience doesn't guarantee quality workmanship, it does give you something to go off of. You should probably look for someone that has knowledge of the latest roofing techniques, is able to offer warranties on their labor, and has positive reviews. The contractor should have experience working in the type of material that you are having installed. One of the things that separate an average roofing contractor from a top-notch pro is knowing what kinds of materials work best for different types of roofs. For example, if you have asphalt shingles and want to find a contractor experienced in this, look for contractors who have knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies. The climate you live in will also play a big part in determining what types of roofs are best. Since shingles are much more durable than flat roofing systems, an area that gets lots of rain and snow will require asphalt shingles instead of flat roofing systems, and your contractor should know this.

3. Ask Questions

Good roofers will give you a list of references, and it's always a good idea to contact at least one or two of these people to find out if their experience with the contractor was positive. There are some things you'll want to ask them specifically. Experience is important, but so is quality workmanship as well as customer service. You'll want to know that the roofer keeps their employees safe and treats them well. Make sure you get a list of all materials that will be used for your roofing project, including warranty information about these products. If they recommend a more expensive material, you should feel free to ask why they chose this product. If they become dodgy or otherwise unhelpful, then this could be a sign that you should find someone else.

4. Get Everything In Writing

It's usually pretty risky to work with someone who won't give you a contract to sign, especially when it comes to something as expensive and necessary as a new roof. The contract should be clear about what work will be done, how long the entire process takes, cost of labor and materials, warranty information, specifications for the product being used, etc. Any warranties or guarantees should also be included in the contract, otherwise, you might have to deal with the hassle of filing a lawsuit.

5. Trust Your Gut

It's always good to get multiple references and read online reviews, but you should never forget that your instincts are important too. For example, if the contractor is rude or dismissive when answering certain questions, this could be a sign of shady business practices. Also pay attention to how helpful they are about meeting your schedule needs and wants, as well as whether or not they are able to answer everything you ask.

6. Payment Plan

Always pay attention to the payment plan the roofer suggests. Since roofing projects can take weeks or even months, it's important that they offer a reasonable option for how payments will be made. The best idea is usually to break down payments into smaller installments that are due at different intervals during the project. If the contractor insists that you pay more than half upfront, this could be a sign that they aren't trustworthy and you should probably find someone else.

7. Guarantees and Warranties

Another good thing to look for is whether or not your roofer offers any kind of warranty on their work. Even when this isn't the case, you should ask if they are willing to come back and fix anything that doesn't pass inspection in the future. If they say that all sales are final, then this might be a sign that it's best to find another contractor.


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When it comes to finding a good roofing contractor, there are plenty of things you can do yourself like reading online reviews and getting references. However, sometimes these tips still aren't enough and you might need help from an expert in the field. If this is the case, take some time to research different contractors, compare prices and guarantees, etc. with the tips listed above in mind, and you should soon be on your way to finding the perfect roofer for your needs.


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