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Saving Water in Your Port Orange Home

Saving Water in Your Port Orange Home

Whether you want to save on your monthly bill or create a more eco-friendly community, it's never a bad idea to conserve water.

Knowing where to start, of course, isn't always so clear!

Take a look at today's blog for some of the simplest ways to conserve water without throwing a wrench into your well-oiled routine.

Sure, a gallon here or there may not seem like a lot--but with time and a bit of practice, you can cut down on those gallons by the dozen, leading to healthier ecosystem and even better-looking monthly water bill!

Get smart about lawn nutrition

Your lawn gets hungry, too! But you might be surprised at just how hardy your lawn and garden turn out to be, even without copious amounts of water.

One great way to cut down on water consumption is to reconsider your lawn care habits. Avoid watering your lawn on windy days when the water is less likely to get to its target (the plants!) and do its magic. Also, be sure to supplement your soil in plant areas with mulch that helps those spaces retain as much water as possible.

Simplify your shower

You've probably seen the "shorter showers" tip on virtually every eco-friendly list around--and while it may be a recycled idea at this point, it's worth repeating nonetheless! You can save many gallons of water with every shower by simply cutting down on your time.
Even if you don't make major time changes, however, you can still make a difference. Why not put a large bowl or bucket at the bottom of your shower, and let it collect water as you wait for it to warm up? This way, the too-cold water isn't going right down the drain--it can be later used for watering plants, cleaning, etc.

Shut it off

We know by now to save energy by turning off lights when they're not in use--so try doing the same for the sinks and showers of your home! Shut off the faucet while you brush your teeth or shampoo your hair, for example. Also, if you know you're not going to be home for an extended time (or simply aren't using your pool), shutting off outdoor features like the fountain or waterfall can help you save, too.

Protect your pool

Keep your backyard pool warm and comfy--but not too hot that evaporation occurs, leading you to spray more and more water into your pool. This, of course, will be an even easier task as we progress into the hot summer months when we'll want nothing more than a cool, icy splash into the water.

If we can help you along the way with leaks, gutter repairs, pool enclosures and other water-saving measures, be sure to give us a call today! We look forward to working with you.

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