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How to Prevent UV Rays From Entering Through Your Windows

How to Prevent UV Rays From Entering Through Your Windows

Have you ever noticed that your carpet, furniture, and even paint get bleached from the sun during the summer months? The sun can be bright, warm, and cheerful, but it also has UV rays that can damage your home and your skin if you are exposed for too long. Here are a few ways to prevent UV rays from entering through your windows. 

Add Shade to Your Backyard

First of all, you can add shade to your backyard to block the sun’s rays and provide a little bit of protection from sun exposure. This can be done with trees, tall shrubs, or even an add-on shade feature such as a canopy or awning. Some houses even have built-in shade features such as a covered patio on their backside to provide shade for their back deck and windows. 

If you get a lot of sun coming in through the back of your house, adding shade through one of these methods can help to protect your home from the harm of UV rays. 

Window Treatments

If you’ve been fighting the negative effects of UV rays in your home, another solution that you might try is applying window treatments to your windows. There are a variety of UV protective window treatments that can improve the performance of your home’s windows. Window treatments can help improve your curb appeal. 

In addition to preventing UV rays from entering through your windows, they can also provide a tinted or reflective barrier, providing more privacy for your house. Standard glass windows can be easy to look through from the outside, which might be a negative feature for potential buyers or visitors to your home.

Install Curtains or Blinds

If you don’t have the time or budget to add window treatments to all of your exterior windows, another easy fix can be to install curtains or blinds on your windows. There are many different styles of curtains or blinds available. You can choose a style that matches the aesthetic of your house and will be functional without taking away from the interior design of your home.

Curtains can easily be drawn to cover windows and prevent heat and UV rays from entering your house. Blinds can also be partially closed to still allow light to enter your home while blocking harmful UV rays. These are great options if you’re trying to minimize the UV rays that are entering your home. 


So, if you’ve noticed that the strong summer sun and its UV rays have started to take their toll on your house, remember these prevention tips. You can add shade to your backyard, try out window treatments, or install curtains or blinds to minimize the effects of UV rays. These approaches can keep your house looking great and protect you from any negative effects of UV ray exposure.

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