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Prepare Your Gutters for Severe Weather

Prepare Your Gutters for Severe Weather

Every year hurricane season grows more dangerous than the last. Having your gutters prepared is crucial to help ward off severe weather damages. Close to 80% of damages to a home is from a roof. Ensuring your gutters are cleaned and maintained will help you reduce structural damage and ensure water is directed away from your home during a major Florida storm. Read on to learn more about how you can ensure your gutters are ready.


Clean Out Gutters

It is always necessary to clean out your gutters before a major storm system. If you cannot do this yourself then consider hiring a professional to inspect and clean them for you. Below are a few strategies to help you ensure they are clean:

  • Look for a gutter cleaning kit that can connect to your leaf blower. This can help clear any debris.
  • If you don't have a leaf blower, scoop out any debris with a small scoop or garden shovel

After the gutters are cleaned, ensure you remove any debris from the roof as well. Otherwise it can wash into the gutters when it rains and clog up.


Check Overall Condition of Gutters

In addition to a good cleaning, it is important in inspect the overall condition of them as well. If they show any signs of breaking or are falling apart, they will not be effective at doing their job. They could even blow away completely, causing even more damage in a severe Florida storm. 


Test Your Gutters

We suggest you do not wait until a severe storm is approaching before you ensure they are working properly. If there's anything that can compromise the strength of your gutters, it can make it worse for you and cause damage to your property. Test them out with some running water off your roof and watch to ensure they are draining properly. While on your roof you can also inspect for any missing or broken shingles. After cleaning our the gutters and testing them to ensure they are properly flowing, you will be ready to take on the hurricane season. 


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