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How Pool Enclosures in Florida Provide Splashing Seasonal Fun

How Pool Enclosures in Florida Provide Splashing Seasonal Fun

"Summer" and "swimming pool" go hand in hand - but here in the Sunshine State, with our bright and balmy weather, splashing pool fun happens all year long! Still, there are a few simple ways you can optimize your swimming pool for the season ahead. Just read on to learn more. 

Keep a pool skimmer handy

Prevent pool upkeep from seeming like a chore, and keep your pool skimmer handy by your pool! This way, it will be easier for you to spot-clean between service so that you can jump right in whenever you'd like. 

Add a pool enclosure for effortless coverage

Of course, while you always want to have your pool skimmer handy, it would be ideal to use it as little as possible!

As the preeminent provider of sturdy, stylish pool enclosures in Florida, we here at White Aluminum know the importance of covering your swim space during fall and all year long. At this time of year especially, falling leaves and seeds can litter the surface of your pool, preventing it from looking its best. Don't be fooled by the function of your new pool enclosure - while it serves an extremely practical purpose, it can also be customized with color and style options that suit your outdoor space's unique look and personality!

Consider an underwater upgrade

If you plan to use your pool less in the fall and winter seasons, now may be a good time to consider expansive pool projects like replacing pool tile, or deep-cleaning or painting the foundation for a fresh new look. Just be sure to work with a professional to empty your pool in a safe, smart way.

Check with your pool service provider about changing chemical needs

Speaking of professionals, now is a great time to check with your pool service provider to see if your current cleaning schedule is still best or if less cleanings and less chemicals may be used. During the fall, chances are you may be using your pool less (and less chemicals will be evaporating from the water itself), so it is possible that a lighter schedule may suit your pool's needs just fine.

Here at White Aluminum, we proudly serve homeowners all throughout Central Florida! Whether you want to cover your swimming pool with a stylish, functional enclosure, or are planning to extend your poolside entertaining space with a sturdy patio cover, we have you covered (literally). Contact us today to get started. 

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