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Attention to child knows that she is collecting sunglasses control, with thick round glasses retro her heart is good, this affordable ASOS retro round frame sunglasses, brought with Polka Dot style clothes really good too. I'm afraid there are few fashion bloggers can be like Zina Charkoplia as the Tomboy style handsome and feminine style was so clever combination, while not dragging its feet. Zina from Barcelona, Spain to create a personal fashion blog in 2010, she was always a simple mix just right, without excessive decoration and colors too. Beyond the line of luxury, from Zara, H & M, ASOS and other cheap brands also her dish and always by means of its superb mix of luxury and the perfect mix and match high street single product, quickly come to see her on the street to shoot it. Eye small, look bad, do not be afraid shy. There are sunglasses ah! In the mix of equipment, and do not forget sunglasses that cattle breaking of a single product, not only can be modified to face, can instantly make your own men become gods. Karen Walker released a series of theme called "Celebrate" style posters, models photographed by Thomas Gibbons, photographer Derek Kettela Zhang Jing, flying debris and salute mouthful of cake milk stains simply to become a sunglasses foil. "Celebrate" series of limited edition sunglasses collection, and has a retro-oriented style, while also showing a young state style. 2014 to celebrate the grand Ferragamo Buckle series listed in China area, Salvatore Ferragamo at Shanghai International Finance Centre IFC flagship store held a grand listing reception with live hundred common appreciation of the media and guests The new series. Superb craftsmanship and elegant design combined with the material, but the details of excellence, the Salvatore Ferragamo show unparalleled craftsmanship and modern style with inseparable. Salvatore Ferragamo's creative values ​​between the brand has always been adhering to the core concept of the modern needs of the establishment of a deep connection and communication. Ferragamo Buckle Department is born on this basis, it is the Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses and watch series star, is the designer for the hasp (Buckle) modern interpretation - not just for the brand of footwear and accessories purely decorative elements, but also has a corresponding sense of design and functionality.